Complete range of card products

EGCP supports wide range of chip and contactless card products (debit, credit, prepaid) and functionalities (i.e. instalments, loyalty) with the main account either in the client core system or at EGCP. Complete card and account lifecycle is supported for both options.


Customer facing devices

EGCP provides terminal management services for all EFTPOS and ATM terminals currently on the market including 24/7 monitoring service of the whole terminal network. In addition to the traditional POS management models, EGCP supports routing and POS concentrator models. Transaction types vary depending on your business model and can be adapted accordingly.


Fast and secure processing & switching

EGCP supports full transaction lifecycle management via connection with international payment card schemes and proprietary networks in order to provide authorizations, submit authorization requests, send and receive clearing files, ensure clearing files/data transfer and provide transaction reporting.

EGCP supports authorization request switching & routing to other issuer and acquirer institutions
(Online to Issuer Service & Stand-in Processing, Authorization Switching, etc.).

Digital Services (API)

Omni-channel changing the business model

API technology significantly simplifies business models and introduces flexibility and new perspectives. EGCP can support wide range of web-services (method of communication that allows two systems to exchange data over the Internet) based on API technology. This enables simple and quick way of adjusting or adding card-payment services depending on customer specific business needs.

Mobile Payments

State of the art cardless payments

Digital wallets are apps that keep payment card information stored on a mobile device, whether that’s a smartphone, smart wearables or anything else that has a payment function enabled. To support mobile payments, regardless of which wallet and gadget is used, EGCP has developed its own platform based on tokenization (process of substituting sensitive payment data with a non-sensitive equivalent). Connection with MDES (MasterCard Digital Enablement Service) and VTS (VISA Token Service) enable complete service in terms of international mobile payments.


Safe and convenient online payments

EGCP supports MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by VISA service, from both Issuing (Cardholder) and Acquiring (Merchant) perspective. To increase the security of online payments, EGCP has developed its own authentication system to support dynamic authentication methods to verify the identity of the cardholder.

For online merchants, EGCP provides Internet Payment Gateway which can be integrated within payment portal (such as a website) in order to transfer payment transactions and other relevant information to processor’s or acquiring bank’s front end.

Add-on Services

Fraud monitoring, Remote access, SMS, Disputes

Fraud monitoring service provides a 24/7 real-time fraud detection and prevention based on analysis of fraudulent transactions and fraudster techniques. Customers can use the service on their premises or it can be fully provided by EGCP.

Remote access gives you direct access and enables you to change wide range of parameters for services used by your company, be it on the authorization, card management, SMS, Fraud monitoring or Terminal monitoring system…

SMS delivers card transaction related data directly to the end customer in real-time. You can customize text templates and choose types of text relevant to your customer base…

Dispute management service includes complete management of cardholder disputes towards payment card schemes.
EGCP has authority to manage the whole dispute process (retrieval request, chargeback, re-presentment, pre-arbitration, pre-compliance and compliance) in accordance with specific rules defined by payment card schemes and in a timely manner.


Tailored solutions for your business

If there is a new or a better way to provide payment service, EGCP team will suggest it. EGCP has all technical and business expertise to provide professional advice which enables you to grow your business. Both EGCP business and technical teams have a long standing experience in participating in innovation streams. Well organized development and timely delivery are qualities which brought us the trust of many respected clients from the country and abroad.